Put your game face on
Mira Dessy

There are a few outward signs your skin is telling you it’s time to do a detox

The big day is coming

Whether you’re a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan or you’re rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, Superbowl LV is shaping up to be a big day.

You know what I mean. You’ve got your snacks all laid out. The fam and friends are on speed-dial for that play-by-play review. And you’re going to show team pride by wearing team colors.

In addition to buying all the gear, sometimes that means painting your face with either Buccaneer Red and Bay Orange or the Chief’s Red and Gold .

Once the game is over you have to wash those colors off (but only on the outside). Of course we know you want to use the best stuff when cleaning your face, but what you really need to do is start by detoxing before the big day.


My face?


Regular skin care is only one part of the equation.

Hopefully you’ve already got a good daily routine for skin care.

If you don’t there is no time like the present. You want to make sure you’re following a good cleansing protocol and moisturizing your face twice a day – once in the morning and again before bed.

A good skincare routine starts from the inside out

Did you know that your skin is not only the largest body organ, it has the ability to help detoxify by excreting toxins? Some people even refer to the skin as your third kidney.

In order to help properly support your body, so your skin can flush out some of those toxins, you need to make sure you are eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. You also need to be well hydrated.

Yet even if you do take good care of your skin (inside and out), chances are you’re not detoxing on a regular basis.

That’s important because even though the skin can do some level of detoxifying, it still needs regular support against the accumulation of everyday exposures. We’re talking about excess body oils, dirt, dead skin, and environmental pollutions.

Environmental pollutants in particular are a big issue. Did you know that there’s a link between that and and acne?

It’s true.

In fact, these external pollutants can also cause inflammation, oxidative damage, and even influence how your skin ages. Sadly, simply washing your face isn’t enough to deep clean and remove these external exposures.

Your skin is telling you it’s time to do a detox

  • Your skin is flaky or dull – toxins and things like heating or air conditioning can all impact the natural balance of oils in your skin which in turn leads to dry, flaky, rough, or dull-looking skin
  • Your skincare routine just isn’t working anymore – you may be using the same products you’ve always used, but you may not be getting the results you’re used to. That’s because of all of the buildup from environmental exposures and product buildup.
  • Your skin tone looks uneven – if you’re seeing blotches or uneven patches, especially under foundation or concealer, that’s your skin telling you it needs a good detox
  • Your skin has oily or overly dry spots – sure we’ve all heard about combination skin, but when the oily and/or dry spots get really pronounces that’s possibly a sign of your skin needing a little extra loving care

When you’re detoxing your face, however, you want to make sure you’re not actually causing more issues for your skin. That means avoiding negative ingredients like benzyl salicylate, fragrances, or potentially GMO such as maltodextrin.

The best option for detoxifying your face is to use a formula that can not only pull out the dirt and toxins from deep within but also one which minimizes the appearance of pores and wrinkles. You also want something which reduces breakouts, discoloration, and scars. Even better, when you detoxify your face it should be with a product that can also help boost the effectiveness of your other skin care products.

That’s why you want to get a Detoxifying Mask that is made with no bad stuff. Ever.

Our favorite product uses only six different clays, Epsom salts, and white willow bark extract. These are the best, cleanest ingredients to help you have the best skin you can. Your face is definitely going to love it.

So while your husband gets ready to paint his face in team colors, be sure to order a Detoxifying Mask in time to paint yours.