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Parents Find Weird Rash On Newborn
Caused By This 1 Common Laundry Product…


Parents Find Weird Rash On Newborn
Caused By This 1 Common Laundry Product…

It was a quiet evening in a small Michigan town for two young parents.
It was also the scariest night of their lives.

Written By: Sean Ahern – April 20th, 2022

They woke up to the sound of their newborn son screaming in his crib… and you won’t believe the surprisingly common laundry product (that you probably buy every week) that was the culprit…


Terrified, the parents ran into their son’s room to find him tossing and turning in his crib. He was covered in a nasty, bumpy, bright red rash. 

So they did what any concerned parents would do and took him to the doctor, only to be prescribed powerful steroids that they wanted nowhere near their delicate newborn. 


They saw dermatologists, asked in Facebook groups full of nurses and doctors, but everyone was saying the same thing…it was some kind of allergy that they’d have to deal with using drugs.


Until they finally just asked a close friend for advice instead. 


And what their friend suggested changed their lives forever. She asked…


“What kind of detergent are you using?”


The Grimy Truth About “Grandma’s Detergent” 


Unfortunately, the classic big red jug of detergent we’ve been using for decades contains highly poisonous chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and other toxins that can not only cause rashes and severe skin irritation, but can also wreak havoc on your endocrine system, immune system, and even lead to certain cancers if they get inside your body.


“But don’t any harsh chemicals just get washed away when the clothes are done?”


Here’s where it gets a little scary. These chemicals DON’T completely wash out of your clothes (like most people think).


In fact, up to 17% of the weight of your clothes right now could be toxic detergent that’s been caked into the fibers of the fabric.


“But how do these chemicals actually get into our bodies?”

The harsh chemicals in detergent clog up the fibers of your clothes and then slowly seep into the largest organ of your body: Your skin!


The worst part? This is an ongoing, 24/7 exposure to toxins, and gets especially worse when you sweat and let these chemicals in through the pores of your skin.

These chemicals have been also been known to cause:


  • -Vertigo
  • -Fatigue
  • -Hormone imbalances
  • -Headache
  • -Eyes, nose, and throat irritation
  • -Reproductive issues

“Hold on a second, I don’t see most of these harmful chemicals on the label of my detergent”

That’s because a lot of these lurking toxic chemicals reside in the “fragrance” of detergents. Because these artificial fragrances are “proprietary formulas”, detergent manufacturers don’t have to reveal the true underlying chemicals in their products.


“But what about ‘unscented’ detergent?”


Unscented detergents are actually even MORE sneaky than scented detergents!


Unscented detergents (even if they say organic, hypoallergenic, or natural) usually contain toxic “masking” chemicals that cover up the smell of other artificial chemicals.

They also use “disguise names” for chemicals like formic aldehyde (sounds kinda similar to ‘formaldehyde’, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s the same thing!)


In other words, we’ve been getting tricked by the laundry industry for decades, washing our family’s clothes with toxic, slimy goop that ruins our clothes, harms the environment, and puts our health at risk.


After learning the TRUTH behind toxic detergent, the young parents knew they had to make a switch for their newborn.

Making Homemade Soap In A Kitchen Sink

The young parents went into a research frenzy, discovering dozens of amazing, natural alternatives that not only clean without toxic chemicals…but also clean more effectively than the store-bought products.


They discovered that “nature is weak, chemicals are strong” was just a lie created by the detergent companies to save money on cheap, artificial ingredients…


Then they found simple formulas for amazingly effective, safe, and natural replacements to detergent, such as baking soda, vinegar, borax, and other simple ingredients. 

So they washed all of their son’s sheets, pillows, and pajamas in their newly made natural soap, and were amazed at what happened next…


Within just 24 hours their son’s rash had VANISHED.


And better yet, it never came back.


They were inspired…but they were also angry. They wanted to reveal the truth of detergent to the world, but that wouldn’t be enough. 

So they made a promise to also provide the same non-toxic solution to millions of families around the world.


That’s when they upgraded from kitchen sink to farmer stand. Baby steps, you know?


But before they could build a business that could provide non-toxic products to the world, they first had to tackle a pretty daunting task…


They had to “un-brainwash” everyone who had been totally duped by the laundry detergent industry. 


So they started by addressing the 2 biggest myths they could think of…

MYTH #1 – All-Natural Laundry Soap Isn’t As Effective 

Quick history lesson: Detergents weren’t invented to be a more effective cleaner, but were really invented because of a shortage of animal and vegetable fats (used to create soap) during World War 2.


Because of this, we downgraded from highly effective all-natural soap to detergents in the 1950s and have been washing our clothes in toxic chemicals ever since.


The truth is that nature provides ingredients and materials that are not just 100% organic, but also highly effective cleaners, and THIS is what the detergent industry doesn’t want you to know.


Instead of toxic chlorine bleach, environment-killing phosphates, and cancer-linked artificial surfactants…


…the young parents found the perfect balance of 100% plant-based cleaning compounds derived from citrus and coconuts, plus organic essential oils to clean and freshen clothes using zero toxic chemicals.

The Result? 

  • – Zero skin irritation
  • – Zero endocrine system disruption 
  • – Zero headaches and fatigue
  • – Zero “obesogens” causing weight gain 
  • – FRESHER, cleaner clothes
  • – Longer lasting, brighter colors 
  • – A more efficient washing machine 
  • – A heavenly, fresh, natural aroma from essential oils

MYTH #2 – It’s Cheaper To Buy Chemical-Based Detergent

Sure, mass-produced laundry detergents are pretty cheap. 


So the parents knew if they wanted to get others on board and try their non-toxic laundry soap, they needed to make it affordable. 


Little did they know that they were also about to help save the planet in the process…


They created the “Forever Jug” after discovering that people are actually paying MORE for the water used in detergent.


They decided that paying for water (which also resulted in HEAVY jugs to haul back from the store) was really silly…so they created a water-less formula that can be filled at home.


Not only would this save people money AND trips to the store…but would also single handedly result in saving over 4,000,000 pieces of plastic from ending up in landfills


And just like that, they had created their flagship product, Laundry Wash!

And after doing the math…they found that artificial detergents will cost you anywhere from 25-50 cents per load, while Laundry Wash ends up costing only 8-10 cents per load!


Safer, more effective, AND more affordable? 


This young couple was finally ready to shout their message to the world, AND provide the best solution to toxic detergent…


So they went from farmer stand to farmer stand, sold to family and friends, and also gave out free soap to their local community. It was really starting to catch on, and people were LOVING the health benefits from their natural soap!


5 years later and they have their own company right in Michigan where it all started, shipping amazing non-toxic products to over 35,000 happy subscribers. 


Their company is now called Truly Free, and they provide an entire line of natural products (that really work) for every area of the house, so no family EVER has to put their kids or pets at risk of toxic chemical exposure.


They also actively strive to “Truly Free” the world by giving free soap to local communities hit by hard times, donating money, food, and clothing to orphaned children in mexico, and saving thousands of women from human trafficking by providing them jobs sewing their Dryer Angels!


But who ARE the heroes of this story, you ask?


It’s Stephen Ezell, the CEO of Truly Free, and his wife Amy!


This is their story, and how their most popular product “Laundry Wash” started it all!


This Isn’t Detergent. It’s 1,000x Better.


Instead of using toxic chemicals, Truly Free’s all-natural Laundry Wash uses plant-powered chemistry for super powerful stain fighting and cleaning abilities that are also 100% non-toxic, sustainable, and fabric safe. 


They call it Laundry “Wash” because it’s not an irritating and toxic artificial detergent. It’s also been referred to as “the anti-detergent”! 


Their Laundry Wash uses only natural plant-based ingredients plus organic essential oils for a fresh and safe scent with no harsh dyes, optical brighteners fillers, chemicals, or mystery fragrances, making this the safest laundry soap you’ll find (especially for sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis).


That’s because it’s REAL soap…NOT synthetic chemicals!


It’s Time To Make The Switch. 


Now that you know just how toxic and artificial detergent is, you might be wondering where to get Laundry Wash for your own family right now…


Luckily, Truly Free just recently rebranded from “My Green Fills” and are currently offering 100 FREE Loads of Laundry Wash for a VERY limited time to new customers!


Since you read to the end, use this secret link (that’s only on this article) to get your FREE 100 Loads Of Laundry Wash right now!

You will NEVER go back to store-bought detergent!